cebe.cloud provides a platform and tools for deploying and running web applications and APIs.

Our service is managed hosting, so you don't have to care for your server setup, focus on building your application!


The first step on getting an application up and running is to upload the code.

We provide integrations with Gitlab (gitlab.com and self-hosted) and Github.

You may also upload your code via FTP if you do not have git.


Configure your application services and infrastructure.

Most of what you need will be auto detected from the repository.

(why waste time on configuring what we already know?)


Deploy your application to production (or create a dev env).

You may export your containers as Docker, or Vagrant.

We are using Saltstack.

Monitoring, Logging, Insights, Backups.

  • Automatic Security Updates
  • Automatic SSL Cert Renewals
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